Monkeypox: Banning the consumption of meat from pets in Masimimanba

Kwelo County Health Minister Bina Motoyi has banned the consumption of meat from domestic animals such as sheep and other rodents in Masimanimba Health District.

This decision is justified by the discovery a few days ago of clinical signs of ‘monkeypox’ in a sheep, in Pademba Health District, approximately 65 km from Masimanimba.

This health district in Kwelo County is currently affected by monkeypox epidemic in several provinces, notably Masimanimba province.

For the regional minister in charge of Coelho’s health, consumption of lamb and other pets is prohibited until further notice. The decision is protection from monkeypox.

“You know Monkeypox, studies show that small rodents like squirrels can be the transmissible agent for this disease in humans. Dr. Bina Motoi said:

He also asked the locals “Avoid eating all rodents first, I also believe that even domestic animals like sheep, especially sheep, as we have criminalized sheep. Avoid consuming them in this health area and throughout the Masimanimba health area.”

An outbreak of monkeypox is particularly evident in the rash that is more concentrated on the face and extremities such as the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.

Quilo County is affected by the monkeypox epidemic. She has, so far, three confirmed cases and ten suspected cases, Regional Minister Bina Motoi said.

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