Cristiano Ronaldo, Soma and Sigui with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo, Soma and Sigui with Portugal

11/19/2023 at 08:00


Cristiano Ronaldo’s passion continues at an equal pace. No matter their age, they have no limits. Marcando Jules is over 38 years old, he is a former member of the party, and he has always been in the Saudi League with his team, Al-Nasr Football Club.

In his current professional adventure, he has coincided with players such as Benzema, Mitrovic, Sadio Mane, Firmino, Riyad Mahrez and others, and as one of the other players he has played with, he has the maximum goalkeeper in the tournament with 13 days played and 12 days played. .

For Cristiano, La Liga did not alone deal with the golden retirement, only because it kept the room intact and it was easy to play football at the highest level. As if the decision had been made by your choice, Portugal, there is an international agreement, concluded by the chosen one, Roberto Martinez. With Cristiano, the Portuguese national team was able to qualify for the Euro 2024 in Germany, and was also first in the group, as it should be for them a more enjoyable trip in Europe that will be contested in the tournament. near future.

Cristiano will participate in the Euro Championship

If anything, “Piccio” will be in the German city and will be safe, determining in the Portuguese’s ambitions the declaration of the European Championship, although according to Betfair’s expectations it is unacceptable. Only Spain takes fifth place in favor of the title with an implied probability of 10%. The biggest favorite is England (22.2%), later in most of France (20%), and in the third lift Invitriona Germany (14.2%) and Spain, the most preferred (12.5%).

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Maximum international champion of history and champions

He has won amazing awards, with five Champions Leagues, with the Spanish League, with the English Premier League, with the Italian League, with the European Cup with Portugal in 2016 and with five Golden Globe Awards, with which he has added to his record of glory with those who are at the moment. Where the Portuguese are heading, you can assume for a long time. The first of them is the greatest world artillery.

The player is a player, the level of selection, which most international players have written off from football history. With the important sale of Leo Messi, Cristiano maintains this addition and strengthens his record with the Portuguese national team.

The other record is that he got to club level in the Champions League. In total, excluding the classification qualifiers, Cristiano has pointed 140 times, 11 times more than Messi, second only to the maximum of the artillery, which with his last religion with a Paris Saint-Germain shirt, was smashed in Los 129. Muy lejos de ambos se situúa Robert Lewandowski, in third place with 92 goals, is the only footballer currently playing in the competition who played for the team. At the same time, Karim Benzema (90), the Saudi Al-Ittihad player, appeared and retired Raul Gonzalez (71) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (56).

In the history of Real Madrid

They ran in front of the band and their huge acts, both in the Liga de Campeones and in the Liga Española, where they were held at the Santiago Bernabéu. Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of Real Madrid for 9 years, from 2009 to 2018. The players led Real Madrid who won every Champions League during his time at the club.

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In addition to the titles (a las four Champions hay que añadir dos Ligas, dos Copas del Rey, dos Mundiales de Clubes, dos Supercopas de Europe, dos Supercopas de España) Cristiano Ronaldo has the distinction of being the greatest player in the club’s history with 451 goals in 438. Formal party in white shirt.

It is simply a footballer’s data and records that have nothing to say in their efforts to play football and get the best results, through the performance of the competing teams. He started 21 years ago, in 2002 with Sporting de Portugal, and was alone when he was actually there. From the moment he came and left, with Portugal, as well as with Al-Nasr.

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