Hugo Lloris suffered a bitter defeat and believed France were better than Portugal

Hugo Lloris suffered a bitter defeat and believed France were better than Portugal

The wound is still open. Just over a month after the Euro 2016 final defeat to Portugal, France captain Hugo Lloris is still having a hard time digesting the humiliation. Asked before Daily team Regarding the painful episode, the Tottenham goalkeeper did not hide his frustration. “Playing the final match with the French national team in France, this will not happen to our generation anymore,” he regrets.

France is better than Portugal

The French international has no doubt that “we were much better than the Portuguese,” expressing his regret at the absence of the Blues’ offensive ambitions throughout the match. “Could we have taken more risks offensively? Maybe. But it's a final, and no matter what we say about it, we don't play it the same way.”

Lloris blames Cristiano Ronaldo

Bad player. The French goalkeeper took advantage of the interview to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo's exit due to injury. Lloris criticized the Portuguese for “breaking the rhythm” of the match by leaving and entering several times before leaving the field for good. A strange argument to say the least. The French captain also believes that the Real Madrid striker's exit “made the Portuguese more solid because there were eleven players to defend.”

“Very nice to live in”

Despite everything, the former OL goalkeeper has positive memories of the Euros on home soil. “It was a very nice experience, very nice to play,” he says. Finally, although he regrets the sad final, Lloris is satisfied with the performance of Deschamps' men throughout the competition. There may be teams more talented than ours, but we did something good. »

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