Catching a cold: Why doesn’t covering up properly prevent you from catching the disease?

Catching a cold: Why doesn’t covering up properly prevent you from catching the disease?

As we approach winter, we hear it a lot. However, the “catching a cold” does not exist.

Covering up does not prevent you from catching a cold. In fact, It is not the fact of being cold that makes us sickThese are viruses that enter our bodies: through the mouth, nose or eyes.

Concretely: No germs around you, no colds.

However, we get sick a lot in winter…

That’s right and that’s exactly where cold plays a role, but indirectly:

– First, because it pushes us to do so Indoor staypoorly ventilated, which helps the transmission of microbes from one individual to another;

Low temperatures also prolong it Small protective shells resist microbes Hence her life in and out of the air;

Another factor is that we see little sun in winter. It is difficult for ultraviolet rays to penetrate clouds, which usually decompose viruses.

How do you avoid getting sick?

Apparently, there is no question of encouraging you to roll for three hours in the snow, undressed, in the middle of December. You take a risk this time Hypothermia and more serious diseases, at the cardiovascular level, for example. But we will no longer talk about germs or viral infections of the respiratory tract.

However, the best way not to get sick is still respect barrier crumbs. If you are vulnerable, vaccination is highly recommended..

Therefore, wearing three jackets will not prevent you from getting sick, if you are in an environment conducive to the presence and spread of viruses. However, ‘rolling around’ in a vignette in front of a Netflix series when it’s -2C outside, it’s one of winter’s little pleasures…

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