Cold is the enemy of batteries, even those produced by Nest . products

Several users of two Nest products intended for outdoor use, the Nest Can Cam and the Nest Doorbell Connected Lock, have been complaining for a few weeks about problems with their use. Both devices are powered by batteries and with winter in full swing, especially on the other side of the Atlantic where Gulf Stream They may suddenly find themselves out of service. This phenomenon is what forced Google to do so Publish a technical paperRemembering that batteries do not like the cold.

Specifically, the batteries of these two devices can no longer charge at negative temperatures. As soon as it drops below the 0 degree mark, the battery powers the camera or doorbell, but it will not be recharged and the autonomy will gradually decrease. Google adds that below -20°C, both products may stop working completely, since we are outside the expected temperature range (between -20°C and 40°C).

The Nest Cam isn’t afraid of a few drops, but the cold can make it flat.

The problem arises for users of Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell without power. Even with a power supply, the smart doorbell cannot run continuously on the home’s current and if its battery can no longer be charged, it will eventually turn off if temperatures remain below freezing long enough. The camera is much better off and if it’s powered on, it will still run between 0 and -20 degrees, even if its battery remains empty.

Nest products do not perform poorly in this area, and it is difficult to charge any battery in the cold. In addition to home automation, this is a well-known problem for electric vehicle drivers, who have to deal with reduced autonomy and slow charging during the winter. And try to charge your iPhone at -20 degrees, you will also notice that even a fast charger will struggle to increase the autonomy of the device…

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If you want to install a camera or doorbell outside and regularly experience negative temperatures, it is better to prefer wired models, which are more complicated to install, but do not have a battery.

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