Top Chef 2022, here we go!

Will Glenn Vail win the popularity contest against Paul Perret, Helen Darroughs and Philip Echibest?

While the new season of Top Chef (the 13thy Already) This evening, the star system is already running at full speed, and the candidates are now accustomed to finding themselves in the spotlight.

Because other than the winner who will get a good sum and headlines, the big winners are often those whose personality tempts the public and… the media the most. Since few people remember Roman Tishchenko (winner of season one) or Camille Delcroix (winner of 2018), others have featured the show over the years. Take for example Norbert Tarayre who continues to play troublemakers on the small screen or Julien Duboué who, apart from the big restaurants (in particular Bolom), ties Emissions in particular alongside another former chef, Juan Arbelaiz. They didn’t need to reach number one on the podium to be real stars.

Last year, Adrien Cachot and Mory Sacko won above all the popular votes. So, who will be the next Kings of Pots to appear on our television screens? Will they reach the distinction of Stéphanie Le Quellec (today crowned with two Michelin macaroons)? Will they reach the steps of palaces like Jan Empere (now president of the Plaza Athena)? Will they open multiple restaurants like Denny Imbroisi (on top of Epoca, Malro, and Ida)? Will it be as consistent as Pierre Sang (5 restaurants so far at 11y Paris district)? Will they run the family business like La Maison de Petit Pierre?

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To find out, catch up every Wednesday evening on M6 new faces, some of which have already been talked about on social networks.

Starting with Thibaut Spiwack that we already wrote an article about, the long-awaited Ellis Bond, Portuguese chef Luis Porat, or Objective Top Chef winner Pascal Barandoni.

But this year too, by the jury, all eyes will be on since Michel Saran gave way to Glenn Fell, who is showing three stars in the Michelin Guide at Oustau de Baumanière. We’ll find him alongside Helen Daroz, Philip Echebest and Paul Perret who came to spend a few months filming in Parisian studios before heading back to Shanghai where he practiced his talents.

We caught up with the captain of the purple team between two planes to talk about the gastronomy of our country and the cuisines from elsewhere.

Will Glenn Feil succeed in winning the popular vote that Paul Perret seems to be the favourite at the moment?

Case to follow, every Wednesday evening on the M6.

Deborah Ruditzky

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