Accused of too many lies, an elected American is the target of a parliamentary investigation

Accused of too many lies, an elected American is the target of a parliamentary investigation

A US congressional committee announced Thursday that it has opened an investigation into the case of Republican Representative-elect George Santos, who admitted to egregious lying about entire parts of his life.

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A biography with many gray areas, financial income that could have been inflated, accusations of Kitty embezzling a dying dog… The life of this New York elected official has been examined for several weeks.

She said in a press release that this parliamentary committee is responsible for determining whether the 30-year-old committed any fraud in the course of his campaign in 2022, may have violated federal laws, or had inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature.

George Santos is also accused of lying or exaggerating the fact that he presents himself as an “American proud to be Jewish”—raised in a Catholic family, but maintains his “heritage is Jewish”—or the grandson of Holocaust survivors who fled Nazi barbarism.

Several Democratic officials and several Republicans in New York have called for George Santos to resign.

But this son of Brazilian immigrants, born in New York, categorically ignores the idea of ​​relinquishing the seat he has held since January 3 in the House of Representatives.

The elected Republican won a seat from Democrats in New York state in the November 2022 midterm elections.

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