North Korea threatens to shoot down US spy satellites

North Korea threatens to shoot down US spy satellites

(Seoul) – North Korea on Saturday threatened to shoot down American spy satellites in response to “any attack” against its satellite, which has been in orbit for ten days.

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said Pyongyang said such an operation would be considered a “declaration of war.”

This statement comes after a US official explained that Washington has “multiple irreversible and irreversible means” to “deprive an adversary of his space capabilities and confront them.”

This opponent may be North Korea, which succeeded in putting its first spy satellite into orbit at the end of October after two failed tests in May and August.

“If the United States attempts to violate the legitimate territory of a sovereign state, Pyongyang “will consider taking self-defense measures to weaken or destroy the viability of US spy satellites,” a North Korean Defense Ministry spokesman warned. Foreign Affairs.

Any military operation against Pyongyang’s satellite deemed “imminent” would prompt the regime to “use its military deterrent.”

The reclusive country possesses nuclear weapons.

Since the successful launch of its first satellite, North Korea claims to have monitored important US and South Korean military sites and even Rome.

However, no photos that could have been taken by Malygyong-1 have been published.

According to Seoul, Russia helped North Korea successfully launch its spy satellite.

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