Pyrénées Gaming: Farming in all its forms with “Farming Simulator 23”

Pyrénées Gaming: Farming in all its forms with “Farming Simulator 23”

A now-known recipe that the studio has mastered to perfection. So he takes the opportunity to return to Nintendo Switch with “Farming Simulator 23” which takes many things from the previous version released on PC and Playstation.

Farm everywhere and all the time

From the beginning of the game, the player must first select the area where he wants to venture. Two possibilities are presented. He can go to Neubrunn, a space inspired by the German landscape, or to Amberstone, a place that makes us think of the United States. Then we start the adventure with 3 mini tractors, a harvester and some other machines that will help us get started.

Nothing too fancy, especially since your financial capital will only be 100,000€. So it will be necessary to improve this small amount in the hope of buying new machines. A rather difficult start, and therefore can calm the more ambitious. Because, yes, it will be necessary to spend many hours in the game before being able to buy and upgrade new tractors, which can frustrate many people.

The editorial staff advises you

Its food is mettre en place une strategy de culture efficace afin de faire grimper les gains et profite as il se doit du jeu. Cette difficult initiale peut être un très gros frein pour les joueurs, d’autant plus qu’il est impossible d’borrow money. Thus players who are unaccustomed to the license are at a high risk of failing before succeeding. So they will be advised to rely on the game tutorial or even via the various tutorials on Youtube.

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Coming to the Switch and thus on the mobile device was an opportunity for the developers to adapt the gameplay. As often happens in such situations, the gameplay is very simplistic. We can’t (or more difficultly) achieve many things as usual and license purists may feel slowed down in their ambitions. Bad point but we accept it nonetheless in light of the support.

The editorial staff advises you

This does not prevent “Farming Simulator 23” from being truly complete. Whether in terms of crops offered, machinery or livestock, almost everything is possible and you can get into forests as well as in traditional crops. We would also appreciate having a chicken coop allowing us to take advantage of a very furnished farm.

To fully explore all the possibilities, we refer you to our “Farming Simulator 22” test. You can also refer to the excellent dossier produced a few weeks ago by Canard PC, which went to meet farmers who also play Farming to clear their brains.

Taking care of your yard is just one of the many possibilities that the game offers.


For the rest, this new mobile episode of Farming Simulator does the job very well in terms of its support. Fans and connoisseurs of the series will have plenty to do, and even if it’s not as complete as the classic versions, it’s still an interesting challenge. However, beginners may have a bit more trouble getting started, but the aids that are given should allow them to. However, it will take a few hours before you really enjoy it. So it’s not exceptional vintage, just good vintage, and it’s more than enough to quench our thirst in this area.

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