Apple export season begins in Portugal

Apple export season begins in Portugal

The apple export season has already begun in Portugal. Portuguese pome fruit farms have had no problems during flowering and fruit development thanks to the mild climatic conditions, as a result of their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. They were also able to start the season early, not only compared to last year, but also compared to other parts of Europe, which were severely affected by lower spring temperatures.

“In the western region, we started 15 days earlier than usual. In the Armamar region, in the north, we are now starting,” explains João Juma, export manager at Lisbon-based United Growers, which specializes in apple exports. “In the Armamar region, in the north, we are starting now.” In fact, we have already shipped The first containers of this season to the Middle East, specifically to Dubai and Kuwait.

The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) expects production to reach 312,000 tons this year. Portugal will achieve a clear increase in production compared to 2020, exceeding the average of the last 3 years by 4%.

“If we look at the WAPA data, we find that Portugal is not a very representative producer in terms of volume compared to countries like Poland, Italy or France, but the Portuguese apple has been building its international reputation for years,” explains the expert. “United Growers members have been exporting their fruit for more than 30 years to traditional markets such as Brazil, France and the United Kingdom, but the company is committed to focusing on new international markets, especially in the Middle East, but also in Asia, Africa and Latin America. To this end, we have relied on Queen PortuGala brand »

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“Queen Portugala, from United Growers, is the best Gala apple variety in Portugal. The brand is used to offer fruits of differentiated quality to exclusive customers, who appreciate the efforts of our producers, who share the same values ​​and stand for the quality of our product.”

Quality will be the key factor this year as apple production in Europe is expected to rise by 10%. Poland, the largest apple producer in the EU-27, has increased its production by 22% compared to last year and will supply more than 4 million tons of apples. “So, this year, as our calibers will be a little smaller than required, we will have to focus on the added value of our product, especially providing high quality. This is how we will avoid getting involved in the trade war that will happen,” says João Juma. “We only hope that The situation regarding sea logistics and container prices stabilizes a little, so that we can transport Queen Portugalla apples around the world. »

New opportunities for Rocha pears
While it focuses on apples (mainly Royal Gala and Golden Delicious varieties), United Growers also produces Rocha pears; The variety is produced exclusively in the country, and there could be better prospects for it this season.

“Portugal traditionally exports Rocha pears to Morocco and Brazil, but European countries such as France and Spain are buying more and more of them. I believe that with the lack of production expected in Europe this year, there will be opportunities to work with this variety in new markets,” says João.

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Remember, WAPA expects a 28% decline in the European pear crop, with sharp declines in large producing countries, such as Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. The 2021 crop is considered the lowest in the past decade. However, it expects an increase of more than 30% in Portuguese production.

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