Unemployment insurance: French coverage is shrinking

Despite Emmanuel Macron’s knife blows, France remains one of the most generous countries in Europe with the unemployed. In fact, job seekers can receive benefits for two and even three years if they are over 55 (see chart). It is, for example, much more than in Portugal (18 months max) or Ireland (9 months). However, other neighbors offer more generosity to the unemployed, such as the Netherlands (38 months) or Belgium where the term of compensation is unlimited.

During his first term, Emmanuel Macron cut back some benefits. In 2019, his reform did not affect the duration of the compensation, but it tightened the eligibility requirements for the scheme: it is now necessary that you have worked for six months in the past two years and not returned four months during the last 28. “France has the distinction of gaining unemployment rights faster than anywhere else. in Europe,” analyzes Francois Fontaine, a professor at the Paris School of Economics.

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