Amazon unveils first image of new Fallout series

Amazon unveils first image of new Fallout series

To celebrate 25 years of the Fallout franchise, Amazon Prime Video is revealing the first image of a new series based in the Fallout universe that is currently in development.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Prime Video is finally giving us a first look at the new Fallout series created in partnership with American production studio Kilter Films. The image was posted on Twitter by the Prime Video account to mark the 25th anniversary of the first Bethesda-developed Fallout game.

In the photo, one appears to be inside the iconic vault of the franchise, entering a mysterious figure through the massive circular entrance. The occupants of the vault can also be seen wearing suits with the number 33 on the back. This leads us to assume that the story of the series will revolve around Vault 33, its remains, and its first contact with the outside world after the nuclear holocaust.

What we know about production

Other than these little tidbits of information, not much is known about the new series. It was previously reported that the series will star Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan. Walton Goggins plays the ogre, Known in distinction for being humans so disfigured by radioactivity that they are nearly unrecognizable.

The creators responsible for the project are Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, creators of Westworld Reboot. Joey and Nolan are the lead writers, while Fallout series creator Todd Howard will join the team as executive producer. A release date for the new Fallout series hasn’t been revealed, but it’s not so crazy to assume that we’ll get a chance to watch it along with a chance to play the next Fallout game that Bethesda is working on.

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