Xi Jinping ignores Justin Trudeau

Chinese President Xi Jinping blamed the prime minister Justin Trudeau Who leaked information to the media after their meeting on Tuesday, accusing him of harming diplomatic relations between the two countries, and then warning him in untranslated statements that disrespect may have consequences.

During a discussion that could be recorded by reporters attending Wednesday’s G-20 summit in Indonesia, Mr. Xi decried the fact that “everything [ils ont] She talked about it being leaked to the media,” which was “inappropriate,” he said. “The conversation didn’t go like that,” Mr. Xi said, before Mr. Trudeau cut him off.

Before the translator started translating this part of the notes, Mr. Shi went on to say something in Mandarin that was eventually not translated into English.

“We should have reservations in a respectful way,” Xi said in Mandarin. Otherwise, results cannot be expected. »

When Mr. Trudeau spoke, that is, before translating this part of Mr. Xi’s message, he said, “We believe in free, open, and frank dialogue and that is what we will pursue.” We will continue to strive to work constructively together, but there will be things we disagree on. »

President Xi replied through an interpreter: “Let’s create conditions first.”

The two leaders shook hands at the end of the discussion.

Trudeau’s office said the two men also discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korea and climate change during a brief summit meeting.

His office also said it raised concerns about Chinese interference in Canada. The prime minister did not specify the type of intervention, but the suspension follows allegations that Beijing is leading ipso facto of police stations in Canada And that China might interfere in 2019 federal election.

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