Air pollution increases when trees are hot.

Air pollution increases when trees are hot.

In June 2021, these California researchers measured the amount of volatile organic compounds in the air by flying over Los Angeles. Their articlewhich was just published in the journal scienceThey reported that they mainly detected terpenes, a type of hydrocarbon produced by some plants. The concentration was also higher in areas with more vegetation and when temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius.

When temperatures are high, That sums it up new world. So the plants will release more terpenes into the air. Scientists aren’t sure why, but it may be a form of response to the stress caused by heat and drought. These molecules will then play a role as a chemical signal and antioxidant.

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However, once terpenes reach the atmosphere, they interact with other pollutants to produce ozone and fine particulate matter. In fact, researchers have concluded that up to 60% of ozone and organic aerosol emissions are due to terpenes emitted by plants. This would also contribute to air pollution.

These observations highlight the importance of better controlling human activities that could exacerbate the situation… since plants are difficult to control, the scientists note. Reducing the production of other pollutants that can interact with terpenes, such as nitrogen oxides, is also one solution that should be considered.

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