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An unpublished collection of excerpts in the comics, “The Future of Liu Cixin” is the fruit of 5 years of my life in China. The approach is original, because these modifications were produced from China with an international perspective that was determined at the first stage of creation. This is a brand new editorial collaboration in comics.

The collection adapts 15 short stories by science fiction writer Liu Zixin, based on his international fame. famous trilogy The three-body problem, published by Actes Sud (trans. Gwennaël Gaffric), and has been translated into 28 languages ​​so far. He has made his composer a superstar in his country, has been propelled as one of the contemporary masters of the genre at the international level, and has received many awards with prestigious prizes.

Of all forms of artistic and literary expression, science fiction is arguably the one most likely to resonate with audiences in different countries and cultures. »

Liu Zixin

These edits have been made by comic book authors from all countries and are one take; Albums can be played independently of each other. The entire collection is currently sold to England, USA and 3 European countries. Having been incorporated into the Neopolis collection, our French version will appear regularly until 2023.

This collection collects questions from a writer particularly fond of science about the future of humanity. This engineer in civilian life collides with sciences, such as astrophysics, geoengineering or genetics”What makes us humanOur expertise, our creativity, our courage.

From his pen, the quantitative future emerges in such revealing light as economics, ancient or contemporary history, education, or the art of war…

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Science fiction allows him to place human society in the widest contexts, where the dangers and dangers are out of the ordinary.

For fans, the ferments of the famous trilogy can be found in these 15 stories, which also display true graphic prowess through the many panoramic pages. The writer’s world is rich and ambitious, I am sure these adventures will surprise you!

Corinne Bertrand

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