Study finds three preventive measures that reduce cancer risk in the elderly –

Study finds three preventive measures that reduce cancer risk in the elderly –

Combining a diet containing high doses of vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids with minimal muscle training at home can reduce the risk of cancer in the elderly. A new study from Zurich revealed this.

Each of the three components of the “recipe”, on its own, has already a positive effect in preventing cancer in people over 70 years of age. Their combination makes it possible to significantly increase the desired effect: the triple measure reduces the risk of developing cancer by 61%, as indicated on Friday by the University of Zurich, which conducted this study.

Vitamin D inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Omega-3 fatty acid slows down the transformation of normal cells into cancerous cells. Physical exercise improves immune function and reduces inflammation, which also helps prevent cancer.

Three safe and inexpensive measures

Taken together, these three measures can reduce a significant proportion of cancers in the elderly, because they are very safe and inexpensive, believes Heike Bischoff Ferrari, professor and researcher in geriatrics at the University of Zurich, citing the press release. A total of 2,157 guinea pigs participated in the three-year study in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Portugal.

The researcher notes that “apart from preventive recommendations such as sun protection or not smoking, public health efforts to prevent cancer have so far been limited.” And in middle-aged adults, they are referred to check-ups and vaccinations.

Further studies are needed to further verify the potential of combined prophylaxis and to account for extended observational periods. Cancer is the second most common cause of death among the elderly. The risk of suffering from it increases with age.

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