After Modern Warfare III, rumors have already started leaking about the next Call of Duty game

After Modern Warfare III, rumors have already started leaking about the next Call of Duty game

As soon as the final episode was released, information appeared on the web about its successor. He will resume the famous saga Black ops.

The ongoing trilogy Call of duty It has just finished arriving Modern Warfare III, November 10th. If the criticisms have been particularly harsh, especially regarding the disappointing single-player mode, and multiplayer players have noticed numerous issues and bugs and seen some cards removed, the success seems to be there.

Activision has confirmed that the results of its latest release have exceeded the results of… Modern Warfare II In terms of hours spent in singleplayer, multiplayer and above all the triumph of the long-awaited return of the Zombies mode. All this without any official numbers.

Return to Baghdad

It must be believed that fans of the franchise do not have Chimène eyes for this latest installment with its mixed results. Indeed, the first leaks are consistent, including the locations Indoor games or Windows Centralevoking the future of the popular FPS game, which will once again build on its glorious past, starting with the iconic maps.

The next part will take place during the Gulf War, and should include elements specific to the game series black Processes. Developed by Treyarch Studio, the title has actually been in the works for four years, making it the longest development time in the saga.

cod In CIA mode

We will have to wait until the end of next year to verify this information, but it may revive the interest of players. black Processes It was especially appreciated, with a mix of old arsenal and classic weapons, CIA and Special Forces gadgets, but also more precise and precise single-player scenarios.

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The implemented means, if confirmed, can return the means to Call of duty To restore its image and explain the game’s recent DLC-worthy status accident War III. Additionally, a richer historical context, with intrigues to the point of paranoia, was made black Processes One of the best-selling games of the PS3 / Xbox 360 generation. A performance that Activision would definitely like to see again.

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