According to science, we don’t go to the toilet the right way

According to science, we don’t go to the toilet the right way

According to specialists, the position that our modern toilets make us assume is not ideal for bowel movements. What is it and how to correct it?

The position that our modern toilets make us adopt does not allow us to have a good bowel movement

Sitting on our site bathroom accidentOur body forms a corner right. This position is in 90°C Then he creates Elbow in colonThis makes the removal process more difficult, or even incomplete. In fact, this body composition encourages Push harder to get rid of the stoolwhich leads to a Increased pressure on the rectumThe bladder and pelvic floor.

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What physiological position should you take on the toilet?

According to the results of many medical studies. The best position to go to the toiletOr at least in the saddle, it would be position Squatting (angle 35°). This natural configuration will indeed allowAlign the lower colon properlyAt the same time, it prevents constipation problems.

By adopting this Normal situation, the anal angle opens and its attachment disappears, which also causes the pubic and anal sphincter muscles to relax. a result : Evacuating stool becomes twice as easy.

Make a bowel movement by raising your feet

there position Squatting It is also the one we rely onNormal stateupon arrival bathroom Impossible (except bathroom Turkish language, which allows this configuration). It is enough to reproduce it in our Western officesUse a small stool to elevate your feet Thus cleansing his colon.

This is amazing By foot This would then make it easier to adopt the recommended physiological position to have a bowel movement effortlessly, while maintaining Convenience of modern toilets.

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Good and bad posture and having a toilet bowel movement
Good position (35° angle) versus bad position (90° angle)

This position helps prevent many disorders

Due to the resulting optimal evacuation, Have a bowel movement while assuming a position Squatting It will help prevent and relieve constipation and hemorrhoids problems, while reducing… Risk of organ prolapse Perineal stability.

On the other hand, by forcefully preventing breathingEvacuate your wastewe preferHigh abdominal pressure Which pushes the viscera down and stretches its ligaments. If it turns out to be frequent, this phenomenon associated with poor body posture on the toilet can be quite frequent Weakening the pelvic floor.

Squatting when having a bowel movement Thus it will reduce this non-physiological behavior.

Man Toilet Stool WC Correct Position Saddle
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In men, urinating while sitting rather than standing helps maintain good prostate health.

More and more men are adopting a Sitting position to urinate in the toilet Instead of standing. in addition to gravity Healthythis practice will be very useful for health prostate :

  • Empty the bladder completely : In the sitting position, the pelvic muscles relax more, which promotes complete urine evacuation.
  • Reduced risk of urinary retention : Men who suffer from prostate problems are more likely to experience urinary retention when relieving themselves while standing.
  • Better prostate health : Regularly emptying your bladder will help maintain better prostate health.
  • Reducing the risk of urinary tract infections Incomplete emptying of the bladder can lead to retention of residual urine, increasing the risk of urinary tract infections.
  • Reducing pressure on the prostate : When you urinate while standing, the prostate is compressed, which may lead to complications such as prostate enlargement.
A man urinates, goes to the toilet, and sits in a sitting position
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