Video | Donald Trump confuses Biden and Obama during speech

Video |  Donald Trump confuses Biden and Obama during speech

Former US President Donald Trump misnamed him when he mentioned Barack Obama when he meant to refer to current President Joe Biden during a speech on Saturday evening.

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At a rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump addressed the crowd by claiming that the president of Hungary was going to call President Obama — not Biden — to ask him to resign from office to allow him to take office and “restore peace on earth.” “.

This is not the first time that the candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the 2024 elections in the United States has made a mistake in his name when he wants to refer to a head of state this month.

He had mentioned that Kim Jong Un was the leader of a nation of 1.4 billion people, when he meant Xi Jinping, in reference to China, in another speech last week.

Watch the sequence in the video above

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