“On the other side of the moon” Thursday 30 March 2023 in France 5 (Video)

Thursday 30 March 2023 at 9:00 pm Mathieu Vidard invites you to discover the documentary “On the other side of the moon” “On the other side of the moon” directed by François-Xavier Vives.

More than fifty years after the Apollo missions, the Moon still fascinates us… This star is far from revealing all these secrets.

January 2019, a Chinese probe lands on the far side of the Moon. Real electric shock! A scientific achievement that puts the moon at the center of all attention. Then the tradition spread to space agencies around the world. We are witnessing a real scientific revolution, a revolution that begins on the far side of the moon!

But what is the purpose of making this trip? To better evaluate and exploit the moon’s riches? To build manned bases before going to Mars? Will the moon become a stepping stone to deep space?

For the first time, the astronauts of China’s space program have agreed to take us behind the scenes of this extraordinary adventure. In Europe, the French National Center for Space Studies is collaborating with the Chinese Space Agency, CNSA, to design state-of-the-art hardware to search for lunar water. The European Space Agency is working with the United States on the Gateway station, which will orbit the moon, and on the manufacture of exploration vehicles for the Orion capsule, the spearhead of NASA’s Artemis programme.

Human adventures, scientific challenges, advanced technologies, strategies and alliances. Driven by a passion for the physicist Christophe GallvardThis movie leads the worldwide investigation into this new era of space conquest.

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