A plane collided with a car on a Minnesota highway

A plane collided with a car on a Minnesota highway

A motorist certainly had the scare of his life when he was struck by a plane that crashed Tuesday morning on a Minnesota highway.

It was all normal on the road for the 32-year-old driver who was speeding down Interstate 81, a busy road in Brooklyn Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, when his car suddenly collided with a Piper Archer II, a small helicopter car. Plane at 10:32 am.

Despite the unusual nature of the collision, the driver suffered only minor injuries, Brooklyn Park police said. He still has to be taken to hospital.

The Piper’s captain, a 23-year-old man, was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The police concluded, “The pilot attempted to make an emergency landing on Route 81. He touched electrical wires before hitting the ground and colliding with the vehicle.”

The CBS Television Network broadcasts communications between the Crystal Airport control tower and the pilot.

The controller is heard asking the pilot: “Did you lose your engine?” “I don’t think I have an engine. I’m not going to the track,” the pilot replies calmly, despite the situation.

Controllers then asked planes flying in the area to wait before approaching the airport. It was one of these waiting pilots who informed the control tower that the Piper had finally crashed on the highway.

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