Mammoth (Mastodon) is packed with new features on iPhone

Mammoth (Mastodon) is packed with new features on iPhone

For several months now, X (Twitter) alternatives have been on the rise. Among them, we can especially mention Bluesky, but also the decentralized social network Mastodon. In fact, Mammoth (we already told you about it here), the free client dedicated to the platform on iPhone, offers a new version with notable features.

Bart Decrem, co-founder of Mammoth, described the online movement:

2024 will be the year that more and more people leave Twitter for good, looking for smaller, less risky spaces where they can have real conversations online – Threads, BlueSky and especially Mastodon.

Add : “The risks will increase as we head into another divisive and high-stakes US election season…, and as the appeal of AI-powered ‘deepfake’ content grows.”

Welcome new features

As we will understand, he believes that Internet users should move to services like Mastodon. And that’s a good thing, Mammoth 2 will offer several features to convince them to venture out:

  • Suggestions for people and accounts to follow
  • Smart lists selected by leaders of different communities
  • The “For You” feed is not based on algorithms, but is created by members of the Mastodon community

Bart Decrem promises several other extras that will likely convince users. These additions come at a good time, and won’t do any harm to this sometimes austere social network. You can already get Mammoth 2 from the App Store To the next address. Have you tried Mastodon yet, and if so, what do you think of it? Feel free to share your views in the comments.

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