Exciting first trailer for the end of Halloween (video)

Will Michael Myers’ terrible crimes end? It’s anyway what one can think of when they see the first trailer of the eponymous well The end of Halloween. In theaters October 19, the horror film concludes with a trilogy initiated by David Gordon Green in 2018 that revamped the John Carpenter classic. There we find, of course, the great villain in the original story ofHalloween And her fearsome mask returns for a final showdown against Laura Strode, played for the last time nearly 50 years later as Jamie Lee Curtis.

The trailer is rarely dark and gives us a taste of the horror scenes that will permeate the feature film. Laura Strode is as determined as ever and is not ready to show her lifelong fear to her enemy. At the end of the recap, he held a knife in Myers’ hand.

This is the thirteenth film in the history of the saga and may be the last. The teaser released on Wednesday, July 20th, leaves us in little doubt about the outcome of this endless battle between the serial killer and his toughest target. One of the protagonists will inevitably have to give up at the end of the story. Will Laura Strode finally get rid of the tormented Michael Myers? Or will she be another victim of the bloodthirsty killer? Reply on October 19, a few days before Halloween.

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