A better understanding of circus thanks to science? It is possible in Lourdes for children

A better understanding of circus thanks to science?  It is possible in Lourdes for children

“We enter the circus through a mysterious world, like a cloud among the stars, where time disappears,” says host Emily. In front of her is a little boy who is about to finish transforming the hourglass.

She continues: “It is a world of laughter, sighs, and artists. We live with them, their hopes and dreams…And you, do you have dreams?” she asked the ten children from 3 to 6 years old as they sat. Turn it around.

One of the young children participating in this training course with Petits Débrouillards and the Passing Circus School answers: “I have very scary dreams…” She continues: “What are their names?”. “Nightmares!” the children scream.

On Monday morning, the two societies will launch the Circus and Science Course at the Lourdes Convention Center. In the next room, the children are rotated according to Clement's instructions.

The afternoon will be reserved for children ages 7 and older. But the goal remains the same: to understand the circus better by explaining its mechanics during training. For little ones, the story introduces the theme around time, balance and circus concepts. Little by little, the kids experiment.

Adults care about the human body. How do you work to be able to jump, juggle and perform acrobatics? Many questions will be answered during the two-day course.

The latter is held every year. As the kids return (they are fully booked), the theme changes each time. This year, about forty children will have done movements and experiments.

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