SF series review to catch up urgently

SF series review to catch up urgently

pact of wolves

We know ambition Lord by the wolves Visual, we now know it’s a narrative. Guzikowski, a very nervous screenwriter prisonerswarned us: His series should pre-spread over five seasons. But by watching this new batch of episodes, shorter than the previous one (there are eight of them), we take a measure of the story’s reach, which suggests not only telling the origins of an entire planet, but also a semi-verbal return, like Ridley Scott’s latest science fiction movie, to the foundations of humanity. The author, who will keep the general structure of his story in mind, clearly knows where to take it and this is his main origin and most obvious flaws.

We have left our mother and father and their more or less legitimate children away from their inhospitable home. Here they move on the border of the famous tropics, in the heart of an atheist colony surrounded by an electromagnetic barrier and surrounded by a highly corrosive sea. A colony ruled by a supercomputer created on Earth, which you don’t doubt at the moment The feral offspring of a necromancer lurks around him

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The series, which has since overcame the challenge of imposing its spartan world, has found cruising speed. As she expands her playing field across the colony, she continues to uncover all kinds of concepts that need to be explored further. Certainly, the metaphysical narrative arcs unfolding on both sides are very exciting. However, this season, like the next, will never be the sameInsoluble puzzleie devoid of true peak, which loses in symmetry what it gains in size.

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Hence some frustration and The occasional feeling that she is struggling with her own thoughts. The first season drew a certain rigor from its central, abstract décor before it spread to Part Two. Season 2 distributes its forces of characters in this large colony squarely, even if at times it means losing them while they are roaming. Children especially now are constantly escaping the watch of their artificial parents and multiplying impromptu comings and goings, both geographically and ideologically.

Atheists, Mithraists, agnostics … They all intersect, cross paths again, fight, gather, and regularly change faith and opinion according to the great mystical events scattered throughout the general plot. Obfuscation is necessary, therefore, but it almost lends itself to the whole serial dimension.

Breeding Wolves: Photo, Travis FimmelAntitrust

Do Androids dream of electric snakes?

Like the previous one, this season of Lord by the wolves He nonetheless managed to forget his countless flaws (except for a bleak and chaotic scenario, the special effects are always very uneven, especially at the end) thanks to His visual and objective appetite. While Ridley Scott’s stunning first episode will remain unparalleled, it’s still packed with ’80s sci-fi comic-inspired insights, accompanied by a great atmospheric soundtrack (and any credits!) and a unique aesthetic charter.

Still better, freed from the obligations of characterization, Sometimes she tries her hand in frightthanks to some particularly harsh spikes, even to a pure and difficult slash during a sequence that would have Jason Voorhees pass for boy, when you’re not looking forward to sometime after apo bis for a fight.

Raised by Wolves: Photo, Amanda CullenAmanda Cullen, still impressive

All without giving up its most successful component: the androids, which were initially set up by Amanda Cullen and Abubakar Salem, and revealed in Season 1, were excellent again. The shape of the robot is the objective heart of the universeJust like in the last movies alien, because the script traces the origins of the religious war since its birth. Father and mother remain at the center of the stakes, torn between the dangerous assertion of their humanity brought about by motherhood and the fascination of religious humans with entities we know or guess to be artificial (Sol, Trust and Company).

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As with Scott, they question the limits of humanity – sometimes literally – from the moment they acquire the ability to procreate or at least to create life. The premise on which Guzikowski expresses all its manifestations is certainly embarrassing, but it is filled with fascinating theological reflections, which acquire even depth during a development that comes to widen the spectrum of invoked religions. So much so that the characters end up looking like roaming pawns on a chessboard whose darkness can only be penetrated after 5 seasons. Until then, we have to acceptA confused and shaky tale, but too ambitious to be scorned.

Broadcast by Wolves on Warner TV from April 25, 2022, 1 episode per week

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