torrent le clouds Last trip to Germany for students of Paul Scarron’s Erasmus group

An unforgettable week in Germany. © Dr.

after l Portugal in october and Poland In December 2021, a new group of sophomores spent a week in Germany as part of the Erasmus exchange program set up by the school district. Paul Scarron From torrent if clouds In partnership with three European institutions.

Students and teachers of the German High School in Kirchheim bei Munich in Bavariathey welcomed six French students, as well as their Portuguese and Polish counterparts, for a week of exchanges and discoveries on sustainable development.

The pupils were able to discover ways of working towards preserving the environment at different levels and in different sectors of activity.

Everyday Gestures Workshops

They have participated in workshops on everyday actions that reduce our footprint, such as recycling raw materials, protecting insects and the impact of our food systems. “I’ve already made a bug hotel at home, but we’re going to put that hotel in high school,” explains Angèle.

In the agricultural field, the Erasmus group was able to visit a farm working in the field of biodynamics. On this modest farm, the farmers raise about fifty cows, for meat and for milk, and were careful to explain to the students the peculiarities of the farming model compared to the traditional one.

different outputs

When visiting the museum BMW in Munich, European youth were able to realize that major industrial groups are also concerned with environmental issues and are making great efforts. They try to reduce the impact of their activity by switching to less polluting energies and thanks to the eco-design of their products.

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at Deutscher Museum Munichwhich is equivalent to a museum Arts and Crafts in Parisstudents took guided tours and participated in workshops: Energy Transformation and Transmission.

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Finally, various excursions in the natural environment of Bavaria allowed the pupils to discover the local fauna and flora, in the mountains and in the Poing Nature Park.

“beautiful city”

Besides the trip’s theme on sustainable development, French high school girls were enriched by multiple exchanges with young Germans who welcomed them and their other students from Portugal and Poland. They were able to make new friends during the moments of coexistence and the cooperative activities that were organized throughout the week. “We organized a rally in Munich, it’s a fun city because public transport is very developed there and we are independent to get where we want,” Aurélia explains.

Cassandra says, “I don’t speak German, and my pen pal doesn’t speak French, so we were speaking English all the time. It wasn’t always easy, but we were able to understand each other very well.” For Clara: “It’s the best trip I’ve ever had because it was so helpful to be able to discuss while mixing all the languages ​​and to be able to compare our different customs.”

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For her part, Marie Cecile took many pictures so that she would not forget anything about her stay.

“It was nice to be welcomed into a family and meet new people,” Roman says. “They were really great and I can’t wait to see my reporters in France again.”

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Fortunately for her, the wait will not be long since the last meeting of this Erasmus project which takes place in May. The French youth who take part in it, in turn, will be able to receive the Polish, German or Portuguese correspondent who went to the house.

As the meetings progressed, Lycée teachers Paul Scarron forged links with their European colleagues. All together, they have already imagined a new project that also includes university students and they have submitted an application file for the Erasmus adventure to continue at the school complex.

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