17 examples of apps and games in videos

17 examples of apps and games in videos

You may be aware of the following: Apple recently released a new product, a headphone, it VisionPro. It is accompanied by a new operating system: VisionOS. This will support all the innovative experiences (or not) that you will be able to experience with the mask held in front of your eyes. At the moment, only our American friends can benefit from it, with the hope that Europe will become the next target for Apple to deploy this new “space computer.”

Until then, to give water to the mouth, especially to those who are still cautious about being interested in developing such a machine, let us see in the video several applications that have been developed for the VisionOS system. suitable I understand better What a headset can add to using the software we're accustomed to on iPhone, iPad and Mac, but also to realizing what experiences designed exclusively for VisionOS can provide.

Noting that there is at this stage Several hundred third-party applications Available for VisionOS, some are simply ported from their iPadOS version, and others are completely redesigned for the new platform. Remember, the list here is just a small example of what can be found in the still-young App Store.

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5 examples of VisionOS applications

  • jigspace: It allows you to create stunning 3D presentations for educational and professional purposes

JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro

  • Obsession: Specialized in shopping applications

Top shopping apps for Apple Vision Pro |  Powered by obsession

  • Gordim Jay: Mix on virtual decks in this reference application in the field

Introducing djay for Apple Vision Pro – featuring integration with Apple Music

  • amazing: The famous calendar application
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Great introduction to Apple Vision Pro

  • Box: A cloud application with services designed for the professional world

Box for Apple Vision Pro

3 examples of Apple Vision Pro games

  • Synth riders: Rhythm game with a futuristic atmosphere

Synth Riders Game |  Apple Vision Pro |  Apple Arcade

  • Superfruit Ninja : $3,500 for a fruit slicer in your living room, why not?

Super Fruit Ninja for Apple Vision Pro – First official look at gameplay

  • What gold? : A golf game, as the name suggests, in an arcade style

What golf?  - Apple Vision Pro launch promotion

Top 10 VisionOS Apps

Also see the current top 10 apps for Apple Vision Pro, by MacRumors (Spatial Camera, June for YouTube, Crouton, NowPlaying, Blackbox, Synth Riders, Spatial Symphony, PGA Tour Vision, FloatNotes, and shortcut buttons):

10 killer apps for Apple Vision Pro!

What do you think of these VisionOS apps and games? What makes you want to buy a helmet?

i-nfo.fr - the official iPhon.fr application
i-nfo.fr – the official iPhon.fr application

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