Without water or food: Fisherman found alive after 13 days alone at sea

Without water or food: Fisherman found alive after 13 days alone at sea

A fisherman who went missing near Westport, Washington state, near the US border with Canada, has been found safe after spending 13 days alone at sea on a lifeboat.

John and Ryan Plaines were on a boat fishing when they saw a boat in the distance, CNN reported.

“I saw what looked like a raft in the distance, then I ran to get my binoculars and then he shot a flare,” John Plaines said.

The man in question, whose identity has not been revealed, had been missing for several days and said he had been out for 13 days without food or water.

He added: “We brought him on the ship and hugged him, and then we started crying.” “It was a really emotional moment.”

The two men prepared lunch for him.

“He ate some sandwiches, and he was starving, poor man,” said John Plaines’ nephew, Ryan Plaines.

Finally, the Canadian Coast Guard joined their boat to transport the man to the hospital, where he did not fear for his life.

The US Coast Guard had begun searching for the fisherman who was part of a group of two missing people, but he eventually left them.

The other man in this pair is still missing.

Watch the footage in the video above

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