Infection can be detected by headphones

Thanks to artificial intelligence, American researchers have turned headphones into a medical diagnostic tool. By analyzing the echo of the audio signal, they can detect ear plugs, ruptured eardrums, and ear infections.

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L ‘Appearance of deep learning, or deep learningOver the past ten years, we have made significant progress in issue Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to neural networks, it has become possible to train algorithms for many tasks, such as facial recognition, machine translation, deep fake Even to diagnose certain diseases. Indeed, researchers from State University of New York at Buffalo They developed an artificial intelligence capable of checking the health of the ears.

The system is named ear health (ear health) and works through in-ear headphones connected to a smartphone equipped with a platform deep learning. Headphones issued a peep, or pulse modulated frequency slope. AI uses the built-in microphone to measure how well this audio signal resonates in the ear canals, thus creating a profile for the unique geometry ofinner ear who wears it.

Simple headphones to detect three medical conditions

The system will then be issued peep Regularly, eg once a day, to check that this profile has not changed. It is able to detect three conditions that modify the geometry of the auditory canals: a cerumen caprupture eardrum and one ear infection.

The researchers tested their system on 92 volunteers, consisting of 27 people with ear problems, and 22 of them. ruptured eardrum25 people have an ear infection, and finally 18 people have a tampon cerumen. AI was able to correctly identify the conditions in 82.6% of cases. The next step will be to study how other factors work, such as body hair or ex infections The eardrum may affect these results.

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