Kyiv is not an imposed consequence for the Russians, according to a resident of Ukraine

Despite the advances Russia has made in recent weeks on Ukrainian soil, the occupation of the capital, Kyiv, is not a foregone conclusion for Vladimir Putin, said a resident of Zhytomyr, a city 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital.

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“I can describe to you the situation in Kyiv: the tanks have run out of fuel, the soldiers have left three days of food supplies and they have been there for 17 days … It is a completely unorganized attack,” said Jacky Lepas, who lives 150 kilometers from Kyiv .

Moreover, the period of thaw worked against the attempt of Russian forces to continue the invasion.

“The tanks are in the swamp because the freeze is over. In Kyiv, it is submerged in water. And what will happen? He will fall in front of a real human current. Ukrainians are there by the thousands waiting for tanks if they want to advance,” he said in an interview with LCN.

For Jackie Lebas, there is no doubt that “the capture of Kyiv is completely lost for Vladimir Putin.”

How far will Putin go?

However, the Russian president did not say his last word. Mr. Lebas suspects that Vladimir Putin is only satisfied with the invasion of Ukraine, if he succeeds.

“You just have to read between the lines to know it won’t stop there. He wants Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova and even Poland.

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However, it is a very intelligent person who can predict how far the Russian president will go and what means he is ready to deploy to achieve his goals.

This war will not end like this. We are not in front of an ordinary person. We are not in front of a strategist. “The greatest military specialists are really upset that we don’t know what he is capable of when he is in a cornered situation,” said Mr. Lebas.

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