Windows 11 update KB5031354 is affecting some players

Windows 11 update KB5031354 is affecting some players

One of the Windows 11 updates from Patch Tuesday in October 2023 is causing problems for gamers. Error Starfield title crashes as well as other games with error code 0x89245106.

This update (KB5031354) is part of the giant monthly maintenance. It was originally introduced as an important security-related update. This nature explains why it downloads and installs automatically. It also brings some new features. Although Microsoft’s documentation does not acknowledge any specific failure, negative reports have multiplied since its publication.

Whether on Feedback Center Or on Reddit Many claim that it crashes XBox games with an error code 0x89245106. Reinstalling Windows 11 Gaming Services does not provide a solution. The only approach seems to be to remove the security update.

As we noted, this failure has not been identified, but the message on the Feedback Center indicates that Microsoft has been notified and a fix is ​​already available. Redmond explains

Thank you for taking the time to report this – this bug should now be resolved. If you continue to see it, please submit a new comment with details about the game you’re playing for the team to review.

KB5031354 for Windows 2023

This is not the first time KB5031354 has been talked about.

KB5031354 Challenges for Windows 11: Installation issues, crashes, and instability

A few days ago, it was identified as the cause of other failures, some of which affect File Explorer. The application may crash. For example, in some cases, using the right mouse button on the Start icon to choose File Explorer or Settings causes it to crash immediately. This problem is not new. It appeared during the preview phase of the update. The control board seems to be having the same booting issue

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Finally, some claim that the update is the reason for File Explorer’s slow performance. The mentioned solution is to uninstall.

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