Wind energy is no longer successful, Dennis Thoriot is in the government due to a gaffe … our indiscretion of the week

Imagine: the last minute of the season in Pré-Fleuri, the dream of the top 14 still standing, USON wing hooks, opening the way for the test, four more struts as he flattens… But he slips and drops the ball forward, it’s over… All because he must Plays without buttons! This is the paradox of many handball clubs. From now on, when the municipality recreates the gymnasium, it forbids the use of glue there, and this paste on the hands gives the effect of a ball. Without it, the hand really isn’t anymore. Unless you have the paws of a pizza shovel. For this reason, the Antarctic youth lost the opportunity to watch the France U19 team train.

The mayor said, no exceptions, even for excellence. However, gum stains are cleaned up on the floor, but everyone passes the responsibility. Municipalities do not want to impose this task on their employees and handball players do not want to end every training session on their knees with a wet rag. Whereas, when it comes to pampering the lawn, even if they are martyred by twelve spoils, there is no arguing. It was decided to set the example. Come on, more medals, dear handball players, and you may be entitled to the same treatment as soccer and rugby.

Loan from Nevers to BNF in Paris

Nevers lends the National Library of France, in Paris, the album mall, for the exhibition “Faces of Exploration in the Nineteenth Century, From Legend to History”, which will take place from May 10 to August 21. This album, named after Commander Moll, the French officer who headed the Franco-German commission responsible for the demarcation of the border between French Congo and German Cameroon, is part of the Mitterrand Fund of the Jean Jaures Media Library. A team from the BnF will be coming to The Nevers on Monday, April 4th to collect this extraordinary document.

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Megafauna I noticed again in Montreal

Nicholas Pouzinat, a cartoonist from Nevernée, never stops paying attention with his second album, Megafauna (blowing tube). This work belongs to the official selection of the Angoulême Festival with this work. And here he is, one of the ten finalists for the 23rd Bédélys Awards, at the Montreal BD Festival, a category that rewards the best French-language comics created outside Quebec, published in 2021. The result is Friday, May 27…

The slip that sends Dennis Thoriot to the government

On Monday, March 28, at the Maison du Peuple in Fourchambault, there was a member of the government. Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, Minister Delegate for Tourism, was the chief guest at a public meeting in support of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy. Alongside him is Dennis Thoriot, Mayor of Nevers, whose name was circulated on a possible appointment to the government, during the cabinet reshuffle on July 26, 2020.

Will she get this promotion if the outgoing president is re-elected? The idea prompted Fabrice Berger, mayor of Chaloye and LREM authority in Nevers, to slide. During his introductory remarks, in which he wanted to emphasize the frequency of ministerial visits to Nevers and Nevers, he declared: “For five years, we have seen a change of government with Dennis Thoriot … er, no, there is not yet a government.” An error that made the main interested party smile.

The wind is no longer in the sails of Never Wind Energy

“Don’t write that for wind energy we can slap our fingers. We were visiting Sieeen, the inter-municipal union for energy, equipment and environment in Nevers, this week, to talk about the energy transition. Several officials of this organization said it in veiled terms: Sieeen remains very favorable For the development of wind farms in Nièvre a few years ago, Sieeen is more conservative today. Constant conflicts with the local population and political feuds and disagreements, including within the majority of the provincial left and the regional left, mean that this issue has become sensitive.” Perhaps there will be no more farms Developed winds in Nevers,” an expert on these files told us. It seems that Sieeen is now more inclined to promote photovoltaics and methane in the division. Here, too, opponents’ connections are beginning to emerge. The energy transition still faces significant hurdles…

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Wine growers feature Pouilly and Coteaux-du-Giennois wines in Portugal

At the 2022 Sauvignon World Competition, held in Portugal, the property of Quentin Ferrer won the gold medal in Coto de Genoa. The same mineral was awarded at Pouilly-Fumé for the estates of Bouchié Chatellier, Bel Air and Villebois.

Pomere in the kitchen

Nivernais Jules Pommery, long jump specialist, European junior champion in 2019 and third in the French championship last year, recently found himself in Lyon, in the kitchen, surrounded by pole-hitting Renaud Lavillenie and Chloé Charles, Top Chef 2021. This cooking workshop aims to raise awareness with new sustainable and effective nutritional practices. Jules Pommery is part of the Ambition 2024 system, created by the French Athletics Federation, which aims to support a new generation of athletes by providing them with the tools that allow them to reach the highest level, including training and performance.

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