Android changes its appearance, here is its new logo and 3D Bugdroid

Android changes its appearance, here is its new logo and 3D Bugdroid

Ahead of the release of Android 14, Google unveils the new mobile operating system logo and the new look of the Bugdroid mascot. In the program: large and three-dimensional letters.

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In addition to the different versions of Android, there is something else that has been updated regularly over the years. We can easily miss it if we’re not careful, and that won’t change our user experience. It comes to Draw the name of the robot himself and mascot designthe com. bugdroid. Changes have occurred to them. In 2019, the Android logo changed to be “more accessible and easier to read” according to Google, with just the bugdroid header on the right incorporating. Android versions have taken advantage of this to lose the name or letter of the cake and it is simply numbered.

Today, the company is rolling out graphic changes to its logo and bot seen at the beginning of summer. No more Android, make way for Android! Agreed, the change is not drastic, and we adopted it in our articles long before it was officially released. Google explains its choice: “We enhance the Android logo by placing the capital letter ‘A’, thus adding more weight to its appearance when placed next to the Google logo. Although we added more curves and characters for Android, the new Android design It more closely reflects the Google logo and strikes a balance between the two.

Google is changing the Android logo and appearance of the bugdroid mascot

Another, more notable, transformation is this one, bugdroid, and The little green robot that acts as a mascot for mobile operating system. It has gone through many stages. Flat in 2008, it color changes in 2013 before lose your body in 2019 (to accompany the Android logo). 2023 signed 3D return For a robot all in curves.

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“We wanted the bugdroid system to be as dynamic as the Android system itself. We also completely updated the look of the bot to ensure that it can transition seamlessly from digital to real-world environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across all channels, platforms and settings.

These changes come just before the release of Android 14, whose arrival could be delayed to early October. The new brand identity will be gradually rolled out to devices and elsewhere starting this year.

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