How a Trump fan thinks about 2022

How a Trump fan thinks about 2022

The order required the judge to turn to the serious elements to grant a search warrant at Donald Trump’s home.

This is in addition to the rest: allegations of sexual assault, tax evasion, repeated lies, incitement to attack the Capitol, spreading conspiracy theories, etc.

However, look at mobilizing in favor of millions of Americans for three days.

How can they, in 2022, defend this man?

From ?

I’m not talking here about people who supported Trump in 2016 because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton and because he wasn’t a politician like the others.

In the context of that time, I could understand.

And I’m not talking about Republican politicians who still support him out of opportunism and fear of angering his group.

They make sarcastic calculations. I can also understand, if I don’t agree.

I’m talking about those people who still support him, while personally they have nothing to gain.

They do not see Trump as a politician, but as a savior, almost like Christ.

The objective truth is that they have a well-known personality: they are predominantly white, poorly educated, have modest incomes, and tend to live in rural areas.

Obviously, there are exceptions: you’ll find a liking of blacks, wealthy people, and civilians.

There are also millions of uneducated, rural, non-wealthy people who are allergic to everything Trump stands for.

However, it is well known in which circles Trump gets the best results and who are the people most likely to support him.

It’s quite clear that the 2022 Trumpist is a frustrated, angry, scorned, contemptuous person by the intellectual, civic, and media elite (with the exception of Fox News).

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These are all those people Hillary Clinton once awkwardly referred to as ” pitiful basket “.

These people often live a life other than the one they would have liked to live, for all kinds of reasons.

Instead of looking in the mirror, they should blame someone else for their failure.

So they will tell themselves that the “System” has stacked the dice against them, and that they are the victims of a large-scale conspiracy, the massive disguise of the truth.

the irony

By making himself their hero, their spokesman, Trump gives them revenge, empowers them, increases their self-esteem, leads their fight, makes them feel less alone, and gives them the comforting illusion that they are not responsible for their misfortunes.

They certainly see her flaws, but they say to themselves: I erred, too.

Despite his wealth, Trump himself has long been seen by the traditional elite as a neo-rich, rude, vulgar novice, and made-to-be-American Elvis Gratton.

Trump has fully understood this mixture of anger, frustration, and isolation, and he is exploiting it with panic and cynicism.

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