Permanent, the world’s fastest service for creating a complete website!

Permanent, the world’s fastest service for creating a complete website!

You expected it, and it always did! In no time at all, this artificial intelligence is able to create a website according to the desired sector of activity. Durable provides a ready-made product and all you have to do is customize it by adding text, images and multimedia content of your choice. All the tools needed to start and run your small business are included.

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all uses on the Internet. In the field of creating websites, it can prove to be formidable, such as what ” continuous With its tool to create a website from scratch in a few seconds.

The Canadian startup Durable has developed a rather impressive technology that allows you to create a professional website in just a few seconds, after entering your sector of activity and the name of your company. Each section can then be easily customized.

No skill is needed

This online service presents itself as the fastest in the world to create not a web page but a real, complete, customizable internet site, all without having the slightest programming skill. In the beginning, all content is written entirely by artificial intelligence, while the site is also automatically fed with photos of your activity.

Once the site is created, it is obviously possible (and desirable) to customize it, thanks to an easy-to-use editor. You can then edit any text, add your images and logo, incorporate multimedia content, links to social networks, and even a small chatbot.

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Everything is subject to a subscription starting at $12 per month. However, you can test the tool for free for 30 days and then discover how great it is.

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