Will it be bacon or “pig”?!

Will it be bacon or “pig”?!

PIGS (literally, “pigs” in English) is an abbreviation that was first used in 2008 by some British and American journalists specializing in finance or economics, to designate four countries of the European Union: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (Spain) in the English version. What few “citizens” know is that this will in fact respond to the desire of the major Anglo-Saxon commercial centers to shift attention throughout 2009 and 2010 to the fiscal and tax situation, which is the rather precise situation in the UK and the US.

platform : In fact, the “subprime mortgage” crisis that broke out in the United States during the period 2007-2008 had its origins in excessive debt among American individuals. Due to the economic and financial interconnectedness between countries, it has spread rapidly throughout the world…

The crisis of 1929 and the Great Depression are there to remind us that this is not the first time we have witnessed a “pig” world, under transatlantic influence.

Our friends in southern Europe, annoyed, were forced to swallow their “thorns” and not behave like pigs, because they were so dependent on debt, they were going to be roasted with US, UK and EU sauce… while using their thatched houses to make fires.

With great sacrifices and compensation, the pigs nevertheless managed to build their mud houses, while the wolves lived “Brexit” under the air of “Trumpinet”!

While Greece, under German influence, repaid its debts to the European Union, the ports of the Mediterranean came under Chinese influence. Italy and Spain became targets of the Silk Road. In December 2018, after President Xi Jinping visited Portugal and signed the “ Memorandum of Understanding ” With China, Portugal officially joined the Chinese project.

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Brick by brick, the pigs are building their stone houses again, and the big bad wolves, attacked by the BRICS, have left the green meadows of southern Europe. GDP growth in Portugal, Spain and Italy ranges from 5.5% to 6.7%… In 2023, Portugal expects to achieve a general surplus of 0.8% of its GDP.

At the end of 2022, Greek public debt, which reached 206% of GDP in 2020, fell to 170%. And while Europe from north to south is doing poorly, won’t HALÖ.UF replace the pigs?

H (Hungary) imposed European sanctions on it to prevent it from assuming the European presidency.

(Germany), which in 2023 is the worst performing advanced economy in the world.

L (Luxembourg) where the impact of the war in Ukraine is exacerbating inflationary pressures, as well as labor shortages.

Ö (Österreich) to use the word “Spain” which the British have been unable to translate into French and where the unemployment rate has continued to rise since 2011.

U (United Kingdom) which continues to bury itself in its exit from the European Union.

F (France), which has a deficit of more than $130 billion, is on track to overtake Greece…

Pigs or snails?

As quoted by Lionel Labus, we don’t know if it’s “bacon” or “halof”! In any case, the French are doing well with BOSSE and all our Burgundian exporting business leaders are very worried…

Didier Mercy

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