“The Man of Our Lives” with Jonathan ZACCAÏ and Odile VUILLEMIN from November 24 on M6

“The Man of Our Lives” with Jonathan ZACCAÏ and Odile VUILLEMIN from November 24 on M6

m 6 The new series will be presented starting Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 9:10 pm man of our life Directed by Frederic Perth (4 episodes of 52 minutes each).

With Jonathan Zacache (Guillaume), Odile Voulemin (Camel Neva), Elodie Fregue (Iris), Helena Nogueira (Matilde), Fleur Bonaventura (Orian Mancini), Rani Pemoc (Solin), Michelancia Lumiere (Agatti).

Summary Camille’s life changes when the man she loves disappears overnight after emptying his bank account. She decides to find him and discovers that he seduces other women in order to defraud them. Camille will do everything in her power to help these victims of blindly love to open their eyes to who this man really is. Together they will stand against him and try to achieve justice. Will they be able to bring him down?

episode 1 – Orian, a nurse unlucky in love yet, marries on the Côte d’Azur to Amauri, a French-speaking Canadian and a surgeon at Doctors Without Borders. Camille, who left her private life aside to run the hotel of her late parents with her sister, passionately lives for a few months with a regular client, Nathan, a former merchant of Portuguese descent. The latter only disappeared during his last stay after he emptied the hotel’s accounts. In Paris, Mathilde, devoted to her business, and her daughter, Agathe, allowed an adventure with Romain, a wonderful reporter.

Episode 2 Camille continues her investigations with her ex-husband, Nathan, who left with a cash register from his hotel. In Paris, Roman unexpectedly met Agathe, the daughter of Mathilde. Disturbed, Orian makes a medical mistake and talks to her best friend, Solen. Agathe expresses her doubts about Roman but Mathilde does not listen to her. Iris, a singer in the middle of a divorce, meets Ghislaine, an airline pilot. Amauri, helpless in the face of Orian’s aggressiveness, heeds her stepfather’s advice. Roman has a surprise for Mathilde: a romantic escape to Reunion.

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