Why has Vitina’s second season at Paris Saint-Germain been such a success so far?

Why has Vitina’s second season at Paris Saint-Germain been such a success so far?

Why has Vitina’s second season at Paris Saint-Germain been such a success so far?

The Portuguese is considered one of Paris Saint-Germain’s strong men at the beginning of the season, for several reasons.

1- Luis Enrique

With arrivalSpanish On the seat Paris Saint-GermainThe Portuguese international player took on another dimension within the Parisian team. A midfielder and a winger, the latter is used in various forms and meets the requirements of his new coach. The Capital Club was criticized at times last season, but diligent observers of the Capital Club have been able to see since August that the problem was not the player’s talent…

“He rarely loses the ball, he has pace, he is physical, he can play out wide or through the middle and he has the quality to score.”the coach often announced Paris Saint-Germain. This is very true, as the Portuguese has shown that he has a real set of assets that allow him to perform multiple tasks, whether offensive or defensive.

“I think the ideas he has combine well with my playing styleThe Portuguese explained to Telefot October. This is important to me and I think I can learn a lot from it. I still have the technique, the fun with the ball, but with it, I can move towards a more complete game, with and without the ball. Even now he asks me to understand how I play with Kylian…”

2- Kylian Mbappe

“He is a very great player, the best today, and I get along well with him on and off the field as well, and we cooperate well.”he added.

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Star Paris Saint-Germain He found integration with the Portuguese player. Mainly positioned on the left side of the field. Vitinha He constantly exits the area when his team has the ball to generally put himself in position Mbappethat is, on the left side.

It is clear that through the closeness, everyone has learned to play with each other’s qualities and this shows in the different phases with the ball when the game is on that side. Serves, calls, counter-calls, splits, the more matches go by, the more and better the players get to know each other better and better.

“We always play together, our left line is an asset to the team. I feel good with him, we complement each other, we know what we have to do on the pitch, but we can always improve.”The Portuguese explained on Monday in a press conference.

3- Statistics

Good feelings that Vitinha Transferred when wearing a shirt Paris Saint-Germain Look at the statistics. After 830 minutes played (12 matches), the Portuguese international completed 90% of his passes (581), created 18 chances, completed 93% of dribbles (16), touched 783 balls, lost only 10, completed 64.3% of his tackles and recovered 50. ball

His statistics are more than satisfactory, as he has scored three goals so far, proving that his responsibilities have changed in one year. Moreover, when he was asked about his opinion on the matter and the possibility of departing from it Verratti And whoever was going to free him, the latter was decisive: “All players have responsibilities. Everything varies depending on the year and the dynamic. It is not Verratti’s departure that changes anything.”.

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4- Its successful integration into Paris

We know that when a foreign player arrives in a new country, there is time to adapt. His first year has not been easy, but he is showing day after day that he has the mentality to establish himself at the capital club in the long term.

Knowing this difficulty in integration, the Portuguese admitted to helping his club colleague and selection, Gonzalo Ramos : “I try to play a role in his adaptation, because I know what it feels like to arrive in a new country, a new club… I try to support him as much as possible, but I do not find that he is in a good situation.” “It is difficult. It takes time to adapt, but he is 100% ready in the group and will be very important for the team.”

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