What is this sci-fi series with the pseudo-air of Stranger Things?

Prime Video will unveil its new science fiction series on Friday, July 29th. paper girls. Télé-Loisirs weighs in on what to know before embarking on this strangely reminiscent new series. Weird things.

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For series lovers, the final season of Weird things Still on everyone’s lips, theories are still strong on Vecna ​​and his dark designs. Hence it is hard not to think about it when we discover the first images of the new series from Amazon Prime Video, paper girls, revealed on the streaming platform Friday, July 29: In the first of the eight episodes included in this first season, we film four pre-teen girls in the ’80s cycling around their small US town to hand out newspapers in front of residents’ doors when a phenomenon occurs. Supernatural. The scene is prepared and the comparison is inevitable. But what is this series really?

paper girls What is the theme of the new Prime Video series?

The series is an adaptation of an American comic book published in 2016, which has since become a four-volume epic, by author Brian K. Vaughan, winner of several awards for his graphic novels such as ex machine – Adapted from a movie from – o Y, the last man, It has also been adapted as a series for Disney+. We follow Erin (Riley Lay Nellette), Tiffany (Camaryn Jones), Mac (Sofia Rosinsky), and KJ (Vina Straza), four “paper girls,” the famous distributors who launch dailies on the doorstep of America’s citizens. During Erin’s first night on the job, she is attacked by a group of unknown people. While fleeing, the night takes a strange turn when a disturbing purple light pierces the sky and they find themselves facing groups of men clashing with futuristic weapons. Trying to find sanctuary, the girls encounter an old version of one of them.

Who are the actresses of the series?

One of the novel’s most important assets is the quartet of young actresses for whom this is their first major filming experience, with the exception of Fina Strazza who has already been seen in several series including New York Special Unit. On the other hand, Irene’s alternate character was played by Ali Wong, an actress and stand-up girl who is very popular in the US, thanks in particular to her Netflix shows. We also note the presence of Adina Porter in the cast, who already has a lot of experience in the world of the series since she had roles in it american horror storyAnd the morning show or 100. A promising futuristic series led by an almost exclusively female cast.

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