Why do we get up early as we get older?

Why do we get up early as we get older?

Your grandparents get up very early in the morning, every morning. For any reason? It turns out there’s a science behind why older adults get up earlier as they age, according to reports Indy 100.

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Researchers have found that the natural aging process causes changes in the times the body approaches sleep.

According to HuffPost, our sleeping and waking times depend on both genetic factors and our ages.

“Comme la part des choses qui changent avec l’age, il n’y a pas qu’une seule raison, et elles sont toutes interconnectées”, a declaré Cindy Lustig, professor of psychologie at the University of Michigan in an enterprise accordée to Indy 100.

This all has to do with the brain becoming less responsive to signs of fatigue as people age. Factors such as sunlight, social cues, and physical activity allow the body to know where we are during the day.

Among the younger ones, associations are naturally established: they associate, for example, dinner with the idea of ​​sleeping in the next few hours. Older people have more difficulty using the same pointers.

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