Football (Day 38 – Ligue 1) Despite beating Brest, Girondins are official in Ligue 1 (4-2) – ARL

May 21 2022

Now official, Girondins will play in the Second Division next season, 31 years after their last relegation during the 1991-92 season.

For their last performance in Ligue 1, they were Girondins Bordeaux He won with a wide score by scoring four goals in a park Brest which celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the club. The first action at the meeting comes quickly, Coating center towards HwangBut the Korean fails to control the ball well, which will end up next to the net Bisot (0-0, 4). Bordeaux was in good rhythm, Ignatenko delivers a pass through the defense to Ricardo Mangas, who turned in the distant position. The Portuguese scored his third goal this season (0-1, 14th). aggressively Bordeaux He has been effective in front of goal all season, and that will be the case on Saturday night, Ignatenko fired a dry kick Bisot Will turn away at feet Seco Marawho took the opportunity to conclude and score the second goal of Girondin (0-2, 32). But as usual, the Girondin Failed to keep score. start Brest He returned after the opening match in Bordeaux, Del Castillo cross from the penalty spot towards Money Whoever takes the ball, the ball finishes its race at Koh Bussin (1-1, 16). then in the corner Del Castillo He still crosses him at the near post towards Balali, who undid his head cross, and the ball will be saved a little before. Marathe skin will terminate its path in a web Girondin (2-2, 34). After a few minutes, Gaetan Poussin avoid 2-3, night Get rid of K.Watteng Thanks to a hook and trying his luck from a tight angle, Poussin swerved the ball (36′). Bordeaux succeeded until the end of the first half.

Mara team leader

In the second half, the pace visibly slowed down, but Bordeaux had the best chances and above all it was he who scored. woods; Dilrosun Hit from the left, but as the second goal of Girondin pesosThe ball is pushed back in the direction of Mara Who gave himself a double (3-2, 73). Bordeaux continues with a dominant rhythm, Dilrosun persecuted defense SB29 HHe hits you with his left foot (4-2, 75). Bordeaux wins its sixth win of the season in Ligue 1, but it will finish the Red Lantern and File in Ligue Two. “We are disappointed with this defeat of course because we wanted to celebrate while winning. Despite that, we had a great atmosphere, and a great first run. In the second we weren’t strict or dangerous enough. It’s time to learn lessons, season is more than satisfactory. We are eleventh. Had we known that at the beginning of the season we would have signed with both hands and feet, this season is still very good.Analytics Joshua JilavogoiCaptain of the Girondins.

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Girondins future in the French league and with whom?

The club will know League 2 For the first time since 1992. Asset accrued according to Jilavogoi ; “The proportions are due. When we see our positions, we play the game. We did not beat our direct competitors. We had a fairly easy schedule with the teams reception in hand. We didn’t know how to do it… Today, we saw that there is a quality when you play liberally. We knew we had nothing to lose. We scored some great goals. But if we don’t respect football, we get punished. Today it is painful because, despite everything, we slip for only one point. When we look at all the bullshit we’ve done this season Only to a certain extent… In life it is so, when you don’t respect football, you get punished. And today it hurts so badThe end point of the season was set at the end of this chapter, but inWhat will be the future of Girondins? He will always be with Gerard Lopez, who continued after the match against BrestOn this very sad day, I have a huge thought for our supporters, club staff, our partners and all Navy and White fans. In the coming weeks, the goal will now be to make a detailed assessment of each person’s responsibilities. Because in order to rebuild it is necessary to analyze and understand above all the errors made. For the upcoming season, changes are already expected. Changes are necessary but they do not change my ambition as a leader.” season League 2 It will start at the end of July. Seco Mara Who extended to confirm that he will remain in Bordeaux next season”I’m with Girondins. I’m tied to Bordeaux and I’ll stay there next season“.

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Sportingly Bordeaux is available League 2Administratively, it may be National 3. June will be decisive for the rest of history Girondins Bordeaux.

[Par Dorian Malvesin, © photo Girondins]

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