Sartre denounces the “new racism” after the killing of an Arab by a policeman

Sartre denounces the “new racism” after the killing of an Arab by a policeman

In his book “Le Nouvel Obs” in 1972, Jean-Paul Sartre pointed out that he compared colonialism and racism in France, “another colonization”that brought it to France “Workers from poor European countries, such as Spain or Portugal, and from our former colonies to be given hard work which the French workers no longer want.”. The philosopher returned to the news: An Arab, Mohamed Diab, 32, was shot dead by a policeman, in the Versailles police station, because of“He didn’t want to be silent.”. More than seven years later, Deputy Brigadier General Robert Marquet You will benefit from the classSelf-defense used.

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Last year, we had a weekly exposure Landlords and real estate agencies refused to rent to North Africans. A decade later, in 1984, it was some camp that was shown all over North AfricaAnd in 1986, as mentioned, “Nuss Frangiens,” the film Rachid Bouchareb, is currently on youth screens. Malik Oskin and Abd Bani Yahya were killedthe same night by police officers without any self-defense either way. There were witnesses, but only one

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