After being put on trial for a racist insult, the president of Tours Métropole, Frédéric Auges, will soon have to explain himself to a judge.

After being put on trial for a racist insult, the president of Tours Métropole, Frédéric Auges, will soon have to explain himself to a judge.

At the end of the Metropolitan Council, on 4 April 2023, President Frédéric Ogis allegedly called one of his deputies, Mayor Fondet Cédric de Oliveira, a “dirty Portuguese”. The racist organization SOS filed a complaint for racial insult. Since then, the case has continued and Frédéric Ogis was summoned on March 7 to the Criminal Court of Tours.

The events took place last Tuesday, April 4, after the Capital Council was held.

The president of Les Républicains of Tours had directed many censures at Cédric de Oliveira. In particular the fact that Mayor Fondet (different right), the 9th Vice-President of Tours Métropole in charge of cultural facilities and communications, refuses to join the majority group in the city.

Surprised, Cedric de Oliveira tries to explain. And Frederic Augis began to get angry.Only You Cum (Editor's Note: Cum)” He would say. The dispute was not going to stop there, as Frederic Auges eventually announced “You're just a dirty Portuguese“.

The assault and insult were pronounced in front of numerous witnesses, including the Mayor of Bertenay, the Mayor of Villandry, the Mayor of Rochecorbonne, the Director General of Public Affairs, and the Deputy Director General of Services.

In a letter addressed to Frédéric Auges and revealed by France 3, Cédric de Oliveira criticized the president of Metropolis for “outburst“, from “Shows true brutality“As for the insult that ended the conversation, Mayor Fondet denounces.”Unworthy words“But he doesn't file a complaint. But he threatens.”To inform the Public Prosecution immediately“If it happens again.

This type of racist statement is extremely offensive and should have no place in any discussion at any time, especially when made between elected representatives of the Republic and within the confines of a Republican institution as is the case at the Metropolis.

Cédric de Oliveira, letter addressed to Frédéric Auges

Ultimately, SOS Racisme decided to file a complaint, at the beginning of May 2023, on charges of racial insult, noting the lack of response from the prosecution:

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When I found out, my arm droppedSheikh Diaby, SOS Racisme's communications officer in Turin, explained to France3. “That an elected representative of the Republic would make such statements is astonishing. We must not accept that. That's why SOS Racisme filed a complaint. What we expect is for him to apologize publicly, not to imprison himself in denial. He should resign because to me he is no longer legitimate to exercise his job.

It's a very embarrassing new case, anyway, for a city that certainly has no shortage of them… and which, like the Wilfred Schwartz slap case, appears to be running its course in the courts. In an article published on Thursday, February 1, 2024, our colleagues from New Republic He explained that after the police heard from the head of Tours Metropol in January, he will appear before the Criminal Court on March 7. The information was confirmed to France 3 by lawyer Frédéric Auges.

To allow justice to take its course quietly, my client and I will not speak to the press.

Ms. Jehan Benjador, lawyer of Frédéric Auges

For its part, SOS Racisme says:Very satisfied with this first stepHe added that the prosecution received the association on Wednesday to inform it of the completion of the procedure.We were told that all sides had been heard and that Frédéric Ogis would have to appear in criminal court on 7 March. This is good news, and it is a matter of principle for our democracy. We elect people and entrust them with exorbitant power. They must be perfect. Frédéric Auges has lost his credibility. We ask the elected officials of Tours to distance themselves from the President of Tours Metropole“Reaction of Cheikh Diaby, liaison officer in Turin for SOS Racisme.

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