When Boris Johnson separates from France and Germany

Boris Johnson, London, September 6. Hannah McKay/Reuters

In an interview with CNN Portugal, the former British prime minister denounced “French denial until the last minute” in the face of prospects of a Russian invasion.

reporter in london,

Pogo His tongue had never been in his pocket before, all the less so because it no longer worked. On CNN Portugal, the former British prime minister confirmed that France was like that last winter ‘In denial until the last minute’ You face the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Boris Johnson, Western countries were very divided on the issue of Ukraine before Moscow launched its attack on Ukraine on February 24. “it was a big shock, He said, We can see the tactical groups of Russian battalions assembling, but some countries have very different assessments.”. CNN remember thatEmmanuel Macron has been at the forefront of the debate with Vladimir Putin. So in March, the head of French military intelligence, Gen Eric FeudHe was reportedly asked to resign from his position, in part to “I did not expect” Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“a disastrous way of looking at things”

Two other major countries of the European Union rank first between them. Germany, firstly, was accused of having initially preferred a quick Ukrainian military defeat to a protracted conflict. The German view was that if this happened it would be a disaster. So it was better if all this ended quickly and Ukraine bowed down. Johnson asserted, citing “All kinds of sound economic reasons.” for this approach. “I couldn’t stand it, it was a disastrous way to look at it, He completed. But I can understand why they thought and felt that way.” Follow BoJo. A reference to Germany’s energy dependence on Moscow. These revelations led to stinging denials from the Germans, who suggested that the former prime minister had done so “a special relationship with the truth”.

Johnson also accuses Italy, revealing this Mario Draghi In power at that time, he told himself “Unable to support the position we were taking” due to his addiction “particle” to Russian hydrocarbons. However, Boris Johnson understands that as soon as hostilities began, all European countries joined the Ukrainian cause and today give it unwavering support.

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