Heart failure: Towards launching an awareness campaign – LINFO.re

Heart failure: Towards launching an awareness campaign – LINFO.re

The number of people affected is underestimated, because patients take time to be diagnosed. Medicare will launch an awareness campaign.

25% increase

At least 1.5 million French people are currently affected byheart failure.
This disease, unknown to many, continues to progress, it was announcedhealth insurance. The number of infected people is underestimated, because patients are slow to diagnose, according to reports Southwest. The number is expected to rise by 25% every four years, according to the National Fund forhealth insurance. However, this disease has serious consequences, as it causes a deterioration in the quality of life, repeated hospitalization or even death.

Caution is advised from the age of 60

Unusual shortness of breath, rapid weight gain, edema of the feet and ankles, or excessive tiredness. according tohealth insuranceThese symptoms are not specific, but their association or recent occurrence should indicate the presence of heart failure. They should be monitored especially from the age of 60.
Indeed, the disease affects this group in particular. The risk of developing it increases with age, affecting 10% of older adults aged 70 and over. However, an increase was also observed in the 55-year-old group due to harmful lifestyle habits (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diet), according to sleep.

Awareness campaign

Because of ignorance of this disease, thehealth insurance A national awareness campaign will be launched on September 25th. Its motto will be:heart failure : What if your heart is trying to tell you something? “
The event, which was organized in the run-up to World Heart Day on September 29, will be announced to the public in the press, radio, television and social networks. Aims to improve knowledgeheart failureand warning signs, thus promoting early diagnosis, by encouraging patients to talk about them with their doctor.

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