How do you prevent Google Chrome from using your browsing history to display personalized ads?

How do you prevent Google Chrome from using your browsing history to display personalized ads?

Google sends a notification to all Chrome users asking them to enable the advertising privacy feature. This feature allows the browser to rely on your browsing history to serve you ads. Here’s how to prevent it.

Google is rolling out a feature that allows its web browser to use your browsing history to show you ads. Mountain View has also started showing a funny pop-up among many users that briefly explains what it’s all about. Like many, you may have clicked the Accept button too quickly, without really looking into its details.


Well, know that you have just agreed that Google will use your browsing history to display ads in Chrome that may be tailored to your interests.

Chrome can determine which themes interest you based on your recent browsing history. Thus, the site you are visiting may ask Chrome for relevant topics to personalize the ads shown to you. Google explains in the notice.

Rest assured, if you accept Google’s suggestion, you can always go back with a few clicks. Here’s how

1. Open Chrome’s privacy settings

Start by opening Chrome Settings. To do this, click main menu Represented by three small dots at the top right, then select Settings.

Chrome pub settings

In the left column, click Privacy and securitythen under the title Privacy and security From the main window, click Advertising privacy.

Chrome Pub settings privacy

2. Disable theme ads

See you now in the list Advertising topics.

Chrome theme ads

on the page that appears, Champions job only Advertising topics.

Disable theme ads

Chrome will no longer use your recent browsing history to show you ads tailored to your interests.

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