What new features await our phones and tablets running Android 15

What new features await our phones and tablets running Android 15

Posted on February 20, 2024

Vincent Paquette

Google has released a first look at what's coming with the Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream update for smartphones and tablets. We know more about what's new in the update and its release date, as well as which devices are compatible.

Every year, Android phone and tablet owners expect a new system update.

They then hope to see new features that will make their devices easier to use or allow them more control and customization.

In 2024, Android 15 will be released and Google published a report First look at his blog. For those who are curious, the name of the dessert will be vanilla ice cream.

New features that Android 15 will bring

This preview lets app developers and phone makers learn more about what Android 15 will offer.

So some have shared their discoveries allowing us to know some new features that await our Android device.

Return widgets to the locked screen

It is difficult to call this new, because it has already existed, but for 10 years.

Integrated in Android 4, then removed in Android 5, we can regain the possibility of placing widgets on our locked screen.

It is enough to allow us to have a quick overview of some of our applications without having to unlock our devices.

Make a backup of the application pair

Owners of foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will not be distracted by this new feature.

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This is the ability to save a pair of applications that you wish to use simultaneously.

So, if we use two apps at the same time on our screen, we can create a shortcut to open that pair of apps.

Protection against phishing

Phishing is a scourge that threatens all types of devices, but Android devices are particularly vulnerable.

It's not uncommon to hear about phishing campaigns that aim to get us to install a malicious app by bypassing the Google Play Store.

Everything indicates that Google intends to work on this by offering more detection of these campaigns to prevent users from falling for them.

Dedicated space for sensitive applications

Google intends to introduce a space called Private Space. This will disconnect sensitive applications from the rest of the device's system.

You will then have to create a profile and additional verification to access these apps.

It is enough to protect your privacy, but also to limit the damage if the device is infected.

Archiving applications

The Play Store actually lets us enable archiving of our unused apps to help us free up storage space.

This function will now be activated by default with Android 15.

More information about battery status

Every technological device has a battery that has a different charging cycle.

However, unless you write everything down in a notebook, it's not easy to know how many cycles are left in our phone's battery.

Android 15 should let you know how many cycles are left in the battery. Enough to let us know when to change it when it reaches its maximum.

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More accessibility features

Google will introduce a new mode called “Easy Preset” intended for people with vision problems or who find it difficult to use technology.

By activating this configuration, icons and texts will be enlarged, contrasts will be adjusted, and then we can add buttons to facilitate navigation on the device.

Oracast arrives

Android 15 is supposed to introduce Auracast technology, allowing us to connect two audio outputs simultaneously.

Partial screen sharing

In the case where we want to share or record our screen, Android 15 should allow us to do so for only part of the screen, instead of the entire screen.

When will the Android 15 update be released?

If we follow Google's roadmap, the Android 15 update should officially launch sometime in September 2024.

Specifically, a beta testing phase will take place from April to June, followed by a stabilization and bug fixing phase which will take place from June to August.

Which phones will be compatible with Android 15?

As we know, there are many manufacturers of Android phones and tablets. They generally have a habit of announcing which of their devices will get the latest version during the final stage of development.

However, we already have an idea of ​​which specific phones will be able to install Androir 15.

If our phone cannot install Android 15, there is no need to worry.

In fact, our phone will not become obsolete overnight. A phone that no longer has access to updates can still have several uses.

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However, the only thing is that over time, we will have to think about protecting it with a good mobile antivirus if our device is no longer able to receive new security updates.

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