The Sims 5: Finally Revealed With Project Renee Pictures

The Sims 5: Finally Revealed With Project Renee Pictures

During the Behind The Sims Summit we explored possible Sims 5 images in a project called: Project Rene.

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It happened on October 18, 2022 Behind Sims Peak, an event aimed at discovering what’s new in The Sims Games. After several announcements, the developers revealed a small surprise for fans of the Life Simulator License.

My name is Renee

it’s called renee project The images provided for the project appear to be from The Sims’ futuristic authorship. Even if the Sims 5 name is not clearly mentioned, many assumptions lean towards this option. From the images, this new game seems to promise many innovations.

Lindsey Pearson, Vice President of Franchise, considers this game to be the future of licensing. The various development teams on Sims 4 and Sims Mobile are currently working with project teams to revamp the game. In addition to improving Sims behavior, customization and building tools, the new authoring will offer the ability to share our creations and stories with our friends on all kinds of devices such as a phone or tablet. This system will make it possible to collaborate together to create characters and stories but also unique settings.

Extensive customization

Finally, the word for Sims fans seems to have been heard, as there seem to be more possibilities in choosing furniture, patterns, and colors, especially thanks to the color wheel. You can also independently adjust the elements on the object, such as the headboard or sofa seat.

However, the development of the project is still in its early stages and the tools provided are only a good part of what the game will offer in several years. Progress will still be shared with the community in real time and there is talk of opening early access sessions in a couple of years to test different build tools.

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Upcoming updates

Other than Project Rene, many novelties are to be expected in the Sims world. In fact, two new expansion packs will be released for 2023. These two will bring a unique world. So far, no information has been provided, but from the footage, a person can be destined for generations and family. We can also watch a short video on Twitter where we see a baby walking on all fours. A major novelty, because even today, kids are only a short moment in Sims’ lives, because they’ve been stuck in their bed since 2014. So the kids will be in the spotlight in 2023.

For many Sims players, mods become almost necessary to live a true adventure. So Lindsey Pearson also announced the creation of a portal dedicated to hosting mods and content dedicated to The Sims 4. Players will then be able to download mods without their game Collide. This portal will be produced in partnership with Overwolf A platform for third party developers (or mods) to create and distribute mods for games. A date hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be soon.

The game is finally free

we remind you, But Sims 4 is now free since October 18, 2022 ! Good news for players who are still hesitant to make a decision. This has worked out well since the license hit a record with over 33 million players, a huge number that has continued to rise since the switch to free play.

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This change in business model comes with several updates for newcomers, including an update named Emily, a guide to getting started with the game.

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