We don’t know who invented poutine, but we do know that these 7 restaurants make really good ones

We don’t know who invented poutine, but we do know that these 7 restaurants make really good ones

It might be cliche to offer some suggestions for a good poutine in Quebec for St. Jean-Baptiste’s Day, but I suppose.

I’m the first to admit that this Quebec mantra isn’t really part of my diet. However, I also have to admit that once in a while, there’s a little bit of good for the soul in dipping your fork into a hot tub where crispy french fries, soft cheese curds, and swirling chutney are one. Once in a while, nothing is wrong, right?

Good poutine, good Saint-Jean!

Chez Tousignant

Photo provided by Chez Tousignant

We love the retro look of the dinner American, but we absolutely love everything on the menu. Chez Tousignant, the urban snack bar by chefs Stefano Vita and Michele Forgione – but masterfully run by Yann Turcotte – leaves nothing to chance. Everything is homemade not only the salsa or french fries, but also the bread, the all meat hot dog, and the (yummy) pogo. You have to go there with a bang, because in addition to the poutine with always fresh cheese curds, with fries and a sauce that has a unique taste halfway between brown sauce and BBQ sauce, you have to taste exactly the double cheeseburger and Tozenant sausage.

Chez Claudette Restaurant

Image provided by Chez Claudette

Chez Claudette is an unassuming little neighborhood restaurant that just wants to please regulars with friendly service, gourmet dishes, and low prices. The menu hasn’t budged since 1982. Here, Quebec dishes are honored, but we can note a particularly close relationship with poutine. Purists will stay with the classic, but nothing’s stopping you from branching out into a bourguignon with minced meat and onions, garnished with pork chops, or made in homage to Celine Dion with smoked meat, bacon, mushrooms, onions and onions. pickles.

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Wet chicken

Photo provided by Chez Ma Poule Mouillée

Ma Poule Mouillée, located in Le Plateau, is without hesitation one of the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal. Customers—Montrealers and tourists—are not afraid to line up for a perfectly seasoned, charred half chicken cooked on a spit, or the famous Portuguese poutine. The latter deserves all of your attention; A mountain of crispy fries with homemade seasoning, cheese curds, sao jorge (a hard Portuguese cheese), the aforementioned grilled chicken, chorico (Portuguese sausage), all topped with a slightly spicy sauce. You can eat it on the spot or take it away to enjoy at Parc La Fontaine.

So fries!

Image courtesy of Frite So!

Crispy hand-cut Belgian fries, cheese curds that can be demolished without biting resistance, rich and creamy sauce: this is a trio that Frite So restaurants perfect! I can confirm here that French fries are serious business and even when they are disguised as poutine, they still manage to stand out. the secret ? Possibly twice cooked beef fat, also called tallow. Whether you accompany it with one of the dozens of homemade sauces or not, I’m sure your poutine won’t disappoint.

More potatoes!

Image courtesy of Battat Plus

An integral part of Belair decor for nearly 40 years, family restaurant Patate Plus! She never stopped blushing, and for good reason. We go there with family to continue the tradition, or with friends to offer a little nostalgic relief. You can enjoy simple, comforting and gourmet dishes in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Think wraps, burgers, subs, decadent pizzas, and excellent Italian poutine. Once you’re in Val-Bélair, all you have to do is spot the red-roofed cabin!

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Image provided by La Souche

This microbrewery that was born in Limuelo in 2012 doesn’t just make delicious beers; Food is also part of the experience, whether at the parent branch or at Stoneham. Among the dishes that are particularly suited to the presentation of the drink, the poutine certainly stands out. This one, entirely homemade, was made with potatoes handpicked for their slightly sweet taste (red to be exact), cheese curds from La Chaudière, plus beer sauce, of course. Many will find their accounts among the various variations – including the vegan version – not to mention the “Mystery Poutine” every Tuesday.

  • lasouche.ca
  • 22, 1st Avenue, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury
  • 801, chemin de la Canardière, Quebec

Shake Shack

Image provided by Shake Shack

In summer on the terrace (in the front row of Château Frontenac!) or in winter indoors, Chic Shack’s signature poutine is always good. We really like the company’s philosophy of sourcing the most local ingredients possible, and we’ve worked in ways that are both original and kinda decadent, let’s face it. Take, for example, the potatoes (Yukon Gold), which goes well with poutine. It is first steamed and then crushed, and it ends up in a boiling oil bath. As for the cheese, the team doesn’t just use cheese curds; Dare to add a second layer of grated cheese, then depending on your liking, it can be garnished generously with braised beef, smoked meat, or a piece of wild mushroom. We help you whip it all up with a homemade soft drink made with real fruit puree or milkshake!

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