This groundbreaking app is living its last moments

This groundbreaking app is living its last moments

WordPad, the word processing app Microsoft launched 28 years ago, is unlikely to be welcome on Windows 12.

For many, it marked the first contact with A computer. The free WordPad application, which has been in every version of Windows since Windows 95, is no longer supported by its publisher Microsoftadvertisement Dedicated support page.

Notebook bends

WordPad is no longer updated and will be removed in a future version of Windows. We recommend Microsoft Word for rich text documents such as .doc and .rtf and Windows Notepad for plain text documents such as .txt. Unequivocally, the note Microsoft published yesterday quietly condemns the free word processing utility. In fact, WordPad is living its final hours.

If we do not know exactly when Windows 12 will take over the current version of Microsoft’s operating system, it is written in black and white that WordPad will not be part of the adventure.

In fact, things could go faster than expected, as the Redmond company admits that WordPad will no longer be updated. An additional tool for Microsoft to drive its customers into the Microsoft 365 suite, which is now increasingly essential to office automation.

Microsoft is pushing to adopt Office

As a substitute for interest? Microsoft Word of course. The program is better known than WordPad and, importantly, more advanced, but subject to a monthly subscription – Microsoft 365. You can charge €99 per year or €10 per month so that up to six people can benefit from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. and other office software.

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For people who sometimes use this kind of tool and don’t want to pay to open a text file, remember that there are a number of workarounds. We are thinking in particular of LibreOffice, or simply Google Docs.

The sudden announcement of the disappearance of WordPad comes days after the company announce A welcome redesign of the Notepad widget, which will now support saving and restoring tabs automatically.

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